Justeria Attorneys Ltd. is a Finnish attorneys-at-law firm that focuses on legal matters relating to company business and private property of persons. Justeria’s staff proudly serves companies, private customers and families in various areas of law. Our offices are located in the Leppävaara district of Espoo and in the Kauriala district of Hämeenlinna.

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Espoo Hämeenlinna

Free first contact

The first contact to Justeria’s lawyers is always free before we have reviewed the absence of lawful excuse out and confirmed acceptance of the assignment. If you are in need of judicial help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are on your side and we help to protect your interests.

Expertise and experience

We have a strong know-how and a long praxis in demanding law matters. The corner stones of our agency are: professionality, confidentiality, efficiency, systematic and practicality. We carry out our assignments by placing special emphasis on reliability, customer orientation and cost efficiency.

Loyalty and trustworthiness

Justeria’s staff is committed to following both law and the professional and ethical standards of the legal profession. Our guiding principles are loyalty towards our clients, professional secrecy relating to confidential information about our clients and the other intrinsic values of attorneys.

Location of our offices

Our offices are located in Espoo and Hämeenlinna. The Espoo office is located in the Nova building of the Stella Business Park on the border of the Leppävaara and Perkkaa districts and on the Ring 1. The Hämeenlinna office is located on the crossroads of Turuntie and Parolantie.