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Justeria Attorney Ltd is specialized in the tasks relating to property of private persons.

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Family Law

  • distribution of matrimonial assets and separation of common property
  • change-of- generation arrangements

Inheritance Law

  • testaments and inheritance tax planning
  • inventory of the deceased’s estate and estate distribution

Contract Law

  • drafting of contracts
  • assistance in contract negotiations
  • consumer protection
  • disputes relating to contracts

Labour Law

  • employment contract and labour protection
  • non-disclosure and prohibition of competition agreements
  • disputes relating to employment based on a contract

Construction, Sale of a House and Residency Law

  • disputes relating to construction, sale of a house and residency
  • disputes and eviction relating to tenancy

Co-ownership Law

  • disputes relating to co-ownership
  • dissolution of co-ownership
  • task of trustee

Tort Law

  • compensation claims
  • disputes relating to compensation of damages

Criminal Law

especially in the following crimes:

  • labour crimes, trade secret crimes and the other confidentiality crimes

Debt Collection Law

  • collection of claims
  • disputes relating to collection of claims

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • court, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution and negotiations