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Corporate Law

establishing of companies, mergers and demergers, demolition of a company, change of generation arrangements, shareholders’ agreement, articles of association, trade register matters and document drafting


legal due diligence, purchase of shares, purchase of business, document drafting and other tasks relating to acquisitions

Contract Law

contract drafting, second opinion assessments, assisting in negotiations, franchising contracts, agent and distribution agreements, consumer protection, insurance policy, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), demolition of a contract and other termination, contract penalty, rebate, insurance compensation and compensation for damage

Labour Law

employment contract, management agreements, non-disclosure and prohibition of competition agreements, labour protection, co-determination, labour disputes, notice of termination, demolition of employment contract and other ways terminate employment contract

Tax Law

tax considerations relating to M&A´s, claim for correction, advance ruling applications, tax appeals, tax planning and other tasks relating to taxation

Public procurement cases

claim for correction, appeals and other tasks relating to public procurement cases

Intellectual property rights (IPR)

protection of IPR, license contracts, patents, trademarks and other tasks relating to IPR

Construction Law

piecework agreement, side piecework agreement, YSE terms of agreement, good building practice, building defects, demolition of piecework agreement and other termination, contract penalty, rebate, and compensation for damage

Housing cooperative

articles of association and its modifications, maintenance charge, shareholders’ meeting, maintenance and modification works, caution, taking a flat to control of a condominium, compensation and other tasks relating to housing cooperative

Tenancy Law

rental agreement, rent security deposit, caution, demolition of rental agreement and other termination, eviction and other tasks relating to tenancy law

Criminal Law

representation of complainant or accused, crime based compensation and other tasks relating to criminal law

Legal consequences and substantive claims

debt collection, insurance compensation, civil compensation, contract penalty, return of unjust enrichment, reduction of price and interest claims

Drafting of documents

charter of foundation, merger documents, acquisition documents, demolition documents , shareholders’ agreement, management agreement, employment contract, non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and prohibition of competition agreements and other contracts

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Court representation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution and negotiations